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Spiderman is a fictional Marvel Comics super hero who has become quite popular since 1962. Spiderman has his own comic books, series, and three hit movies! The story of Spiderman is about a shy, teenage boy named Peter Parker who lives with his old aunt and uncle. One day on a field trip he is bitten by a radioactive spider. The next day he starts noticing some changes in his body. He is able to crawl on walls, sense danger, build strength to fight. When his uncle is killed by some thieves he decides that he will use his abilities to fight against crime but hiding his original identity from every one even from his loved ones.

There are so many Spiderman costumes to choose from! The traditional Spiderman costume is a red and blue body suit that covers hands and feet and has a black spider in the middle of the chest, and an over the face head mask. There is also a Spiderman 3 Venom costume that is an all black body suit with a silver spider in the middle of the chest. Spiderman costumes are available for men and boys of all sizes. Now there is even a Spiderman costume for your very own spider dog!

For a couples costume you can have her dress as a sexy spider girl or as the lovely red head Mary Jane, who Peter Parker is deeply in love with.

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