Batman Costume

Batman costume and batgirl costumes accessory for children and adults from batgirl movies.

The Boys Batman Mask brings one mask
The Boys Lego Batman Costume brings a mask and jumpsuit
The Batman V Superman Armored Batman Men Costume Kit brings a armored helmet and gloves
The Batman V Superman Movie Superman Boys Costume brings a muscle chest jumpsuit, 3D boot tops and cape

Batman Kids deluxe Costume includes a black muscle chest jumpsuit featuring indentations for abs and chest with Batman logo ...
Batman Costume includes black spandex jumpsuit, molded chest piece, golden belt, black cape, black gloves, headpiece and ...
Batman Shirt Costume includes tshirt with muscular shading, utility belt and batman logo printed detail, black removable ...
Batman Brave and Bold Costume includes a muscled Batman jumpsuit with attached boot tops and arm gauntlets, utility belt, ...

Batman deluxe Muscle Costume includes super chiseled muscle chest shirt, Bat pants with attached boot covers, Batman headpiece ...
Batman Costume includes bold blue jumpsuit with yellow Batman symbol on chest, plastic blue mask, matching cape and yellow ...
Batman Costume includes muscle chest shirt with Batman logo, black pants, Batman headpiece, long cape and Batman gold belt
Batman the Dark Knight Movie Costume includes muscle chest jumpsuit with attached boot tops, headpiece, cape and belt

Batman Costume for Adult comes with muscle chest jumpsuit with attached boot tops, headpiece, cape and belt
Batman Costume includes: jumpsuit, long black cape (blue on reverse side) with attached headpiece and fabric and foam yellow ...
Everything begins when the child Bruce Wayne witnessed the murder of his parents
Great costume accessory for any Batman Suit

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Batman is one of the most renowned super heroes of all times. He was created in 1939 and was published in the famous DC Comic books. Batman like most super heroes lived a double life, his real name being Bruce Wayne. His wealthy parents were killed one night in Gotham City when he was just a boy; this is what made him create his alter ego “Batman” to revenge against his parents killers and to help Gotham City fight against crime. Unlike other super heroes Batman was unique because he wasn’t born with any supernatural powers; with the help of his butler Alfred who also raised him, he used his money to make really cool gadgets and devices to help him fight crime. After the last movie the Dark Knight hit the big screen Batman costumes have been a hot item! Now you or your child can dress as Batman in a full, latex Batman hooded mask that covers most of your face except mouth area with attached ears. Opt for a traditional all-black costume; similar to the one Christian Bale wore in the recent film the Dark Knight or you can go for a more classic, blue-and-grey costume as portrayed in the comics.
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