Bunny Costume

Bunny Costume - Visit us for bunny costumes for women and men.

Toddler Miffy Bunny Dress includes dress and headpiece
Girls Infant Pink Bunny Costume includes jumpsuit, headpiece, and carrot cuff
The Baby Boy Christmas Story Bunny Costume brings a bodysuit, hand mittens and headpiece
Pink Bunny Suit Toddler Girls Costume includes bunny suit

The Black Bunny Woman Costume brings a black unitard jumpsuit and black bunny ear headpiece
The White Bunny Woman Costume brings a unitard and bunny ears headband
The Easter Bunny Baby Boy And Carrot Prop Costume Set brings a jumpsuit, attached hood, mittens, elastic bungee and plastic ...
The Bunny Women Costume Kit brings a headband, tail and choker

The Instant Bunny Women Costume Kit brings a headband and tail
The Cozy Rabbit Woman Costume brings a dress with bow tie, hood, tail and body pocket watch
The Jumbo Ears Bunny Costume Kit brings a ears headband and tail
The Sexy Bunny Women Costume Kit brings bunny ears, bow tie with pearls, tail and petticoat

The Sexy Womens Bunny Tuxedo Costume comes with Tuxedo Style Teddy with Clear Straps and Bunny Ear Headband
Our Sexy Pink Country Bunny Women Costume includes a dress with lace trim neckline and polka dot bodice, headband with rabbit ...
White Bunny Toddler Costume - Animal Costume - Includes a white plush swirl fur body and hood
Romantic Lace Bunny Adult Costume Kit includes a white headband with bunny ears, a pink collar and a white tail

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Have you ever wondered how did we start calling rabbits, bunnies? Who knows, but the term has stuck as a cute way of saying rabbit. Rabbits are small mammals which belong in the species known as "lagomorphs. They are known to reproduce dozens of bunnies at a time. Their cute characteristics such as their hop, fluffy tail, and little adorable nose influenced icon Hugh Heffner to refer to his chain of Playboy clubs waitresses as Playboy Bunnies. The Play Bunny uniform was the first "work uniform" to be registered with the U.S. patent office.

Playboy Bunny uniforms include a sexy satin leotard with bunny ears, collar, fishnet stockings, bowtie, and cuffs. Now you can dress as a bunny for your next Easter event we have Adult mascot-style costumes which include a one-piece plush faux fur jumpsuit with attached large feet and hands. Also included is a full-coverage over-the-head bunny mask with either upright or floppy ears. You can also dress your little one as a cute wittle bunny! Or you can also dress to impress in a sexy Play Boy Bunny Costume!

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