Clown Costumes

Clown Costumes - Find latest clown costumes for children & adults.

Bubbles Clown Adult Costume includes yellow, red, and green jacket with patch pocket and over sized button detailing and ...
Giggles the Clown Costume – Adult Costume includes colorful red dress with blue pom poms at chest and layered ruffled skirt ...
Checkers the Clown Costume includes navy blue plaid printed jacket with oversized yellow button detailing, matching plaid ...
Clown Costume includes hat and jumpsuit with neck ruffle in the three primary colors

Striped Clown Overalls Costume includes overalls with suspenders
Striped Clown Overalls Costume includes pants with with suspenders
Spanky Stripes Clown Costume includes a Super bright colored clown suit
Spanky Stripes Female Clown Costume includes a bright and colorful short sleeve dress with pom pom front, matching knickers ...

His number one rule is only happy faces! The Spanky Stripes Clown Costume - Adult Costume features Super bright colored clown ...
Baby Bobo Clown Costume includes colorful Shirt with ruffled collar, pants and cone clown hat with pom pom
Hoopy the Clown Costume includes blue and red hat with yellow flower print, red and yellow striped top with attached yellow ...
Cutie Clown Costume Includes satin zip up bodysuit with iridescent ruffles and over sized pocket with multi color polka dot ...

Clown Girl Costume includes satin polka dotted dress with mini ruffles at neckline, hem and sleeves, attached aqua chest ...
Clown on the Town Costume includes bright multi-colored jacket with plaid lapels, attached vest/shirt front with bowtie, ...
Snazzy Harpo Hoop Clown Adult Costume includes brightly colored costume comes with hat, ruffled collar and jumpsuit with ...
Neon Dotted Clown Adult Costume Plus size includes a comfortable jumpsuit with bright colorful polka dot design and matching ...

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Clowns were once hired by Kings and Queens to play funny acts to entertain them. Now in days there are all kinds of clowns; they are typically characterized by their exaggerated appearance such as colorful wigs, stylistic makeup, bizarre costumes, unusually large footwear, and eye catching tricks etc. Although many find clowns to be scary, their intended purpose is to entertain people, especially young kids. Many clowns have become famous such as Charlie Chaplin, Three Stooges, The Marx Brothers and many more.

If you ever plan on dressing up as a clown perhaps for your kid’s birthday party, Halloween or any other occasion remember that the key to being a hilarious clown is to have your own persona. Remember when putting your outfits together go for bright colors, weird hats, and funny expressions and over sized clothes and shoes.

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