Geisha Costumes

Geisha Costumes - Geisha costumes for women and teenagers for halloween and other events.

Costume Includes: jacket, pants, helmet
Become a firefighter in minutes with our Firefighter Men Instant Costume Accessory Kit
Professional Firefighter Accessory Costume Kit Includes: They are the people who go into burning buildings, put out fires ...
Professional Firefighter Accessory Costume Kit Includes: They are the people who go into burning buildings, put out fires ...

Red Blaze Firefighter Adult Costume includes a sexy black zipper front catsuit with fishnet side cut out panels, has 'Fire ...
Hot Spot Honey Firefighter Adult Costume includes a hot black zipper front lame garter dress with red lame bodice and red ...
Little Geisha Costume - Kids Costume iridescent kimono style dress with front red belt detailing and mandarin style neckline ...
Firefighter Costume includes red firefighter screen printed shirt with yellow and black accents and easy velcro closure

Sweetheart Firefighter Costume includes a black empire waist dress, with red suspenders, silver and yellow trim, American ...
French Kiss Geisha Costume includes Traditional style geisha mini dress and flower headpiece
Goth Geisha Costume includes black and pink wrap top with pink skulls , matching skirt, waist cincher belt with bow and ruffles ...
Geisha Girl Costume includes a black satin kimono-style dress with silver dragon detail and crimson satin trim

A perfect accessory
Fire Fighter Costume includes long sleeves black jacket with velcro Closure, pockets on the sides and reflective stripping, ...
Plastic with Fire Chief Sticker on Front
Fire Fighter Costume includes: Adjustable Hard Helmet, Adjustable Bib Overalls with pockets and knee patches, Adjustable ...

Working ....

Geishas were known to be the most beautiful of Japanese women. Their whole lives they were raised to be entertainers and servers to the most privileged of society. Geishas were trained to be flawless in every way, when dancing, applying makeup, and even the way they poured tea.

If you want to try being a Geisha begin by applying cream white makeup all over the face, bright red lipstick, and black liquid eyeliner to extend the corners of the eye, style your hair in a puffy high bun or put on a black bun wig, you can even add a flower, chopsticks, a comb or maybe a pretty hair clip for d├ęcor. Complete your costume with a bright colored kimono embroidered with flowers, leaves, dragons or any other Japanese image. Geishas wear a flat-soled sandal, zori, outdoors, and wear only tabi (white split-toed socks) indoors. In rainy weather geisha wear raised wooden clogs, called geta .

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