Ghost Costumes

Lots of Ghost costumes for adults & children for halloween & other events at low prices. Includes ghosthip, gosammer, ghostly godess, ghost rider and more.

Ghostbusters Kids Costume deluxe includes tan jumpsuit with screen print detailing and black inflatable back pack
Ghostbusters Girl Costume includes a tan dress with printed zipper, pockets, and Ghostbusters logo, an attached back pack, ...
Ghostbusters Boy Costume includes a tan jumpsuit with printed zippers, pockets and Ghostbusters logo, an attached backpack, ...
Ghose Face Zombie Collector Edition Costume includes a black Deluxe hooded robe with jagged hem and sleeves, aged mask, belt, ...

Ghostface Zombie Collector Edition Costume includes a black Deluxe hooded robe with jagged hem and sleeves, aged mask, belt, ...
Ghost Face Collector Edition Costume includes a black hooded robe with jagged hem and sleeves, ghost face mask, belt, and ...
Poncho Ghost Face Costume - Teen Costume is a black hooded mini dress, with sheer mesh poncho and a center bodice Ghost Face
Ghostly Gal Costume includes gray dress with attached capelet and peplum detail, matching gloves, and floppy hat with attached ...

Ghostly Gentleman Costume Includes greyish white hat, greyish white frayed Neck scarf and and long greyish white jacket
WHATS UP?? From Scary Movie
Ghostly Gent Costume includes coat, vest with attached shirt sleeves, pants, Dickie with scarf collar and hat, all tattered ...
Ghostbusters Costume includes jumpsuit with Ghostbusters emblem and inflatable "proton pack" backpack

Distressed Jacket and Pants, Hat and Boot Covers
Friendly Ghost Costume consists of one piece scalloped ghost robe is a throwback to the old timely ghost costume
Gossamer Ghost Costume includes Hooded nylon cape, nylon ghostly gown, white gloves and flowing wig
This beautiful little ghost includes robe, hooded cape, gloves and wig

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There are many unanswered questions out there regarding ghost. A ghost is defined as the disembodied spirit or soul of a deceased person. Many people have said to have seen ghost of their passed loved ones. Many movies and books have been created about these spirits that haunt the living human, because they have not died in peace, yet some are not bad spirits. Some of these movie hits include Casper, The Sixth Sense, The Others, Ghost Busters and many more.

Spook your friends and family in your next Halloween event with a ghost costume such as Ghost Ship Pirate Costume from Pirates of the Caribbean, Ghost Rider Costume, Elsa the Ghost Maid, Bleeding Scream Costume, Ghost Busters Costume, The Headless Ghost Costume and countless more! Costumes are available for men, women, boys and girls.

Make your costume even more frightening by adding a white ghost wig, ghoul teeth or ghostly bone hands.

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