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Medusa Light-Up Adult Headpiece includes a green light-up headpiece with small wire snakes attached to simulate Medusa's ...
Worship Me Adult Costume includes a gold lame trimmed white short dress with a matching pair of armbands
Golden Gladiator Adult Costume includes a golden gladiator dress with unique crinkled foil fabric, warrior style neckline ...
Goddess Adult Costume includes a golden goddess style gown with ornate metallic gold and silver sequin detailing, nude lining ...

Warrior Princess Teen Costume includes a black mini dress with pleated skirt, gold glitter bodice detail and attached studded ...
Roman Princess Girl Costume includes long white dress with cowl neckline, sleeve cut outs, and gathering at the waist and ...
Womens Classic Toga Costume includes white above the knee length tunic with black and gold trim, and matching belt
Classic Toga Costume includes white tunic with gold and black hemline trim, matching belt, and leather look wrist cuffs

Gladiator Costume includes white tunic with gold lame detailing at hem, brown fabric collar with attached red cape, brown ...
Toga Unisex Costume includes one white robe with attached white drape
Roman Empress Costume includes white dress with attached maroon drape, gold medallions and matching armbands
Julius Caesar Costume consists of a long Roman Toga with gold trim, shoulder drape in assorted colors of blue, red or gold ...

A heavy molded plastic helmet
Toga Toga Costume includes a white robe, shoulder drape, and gold leaf headpiece

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Greeks have a long fascinating history, which influenced our, culture, art, philosophy, and all manner of learning. They worshipped Gods and Goddesses who they believed judged there every day life. Much of these Gods and Goddesses became central characters in mythological literature. Some of them include, Zeus God of Thunder, Aphrodite Goddess of Love, Athena Goddess of War, and Poseidon God of the Seas. Greeks are also known for being great warriors. Alexander the Great and The Spartans are just some of the great Greek warriors in mythology. We also owe much of our scientific knowledge to the great Greek Philosophers Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato for developing the scientific method, physics and metaphysics.

This Halloween dress as a Greek warrior with a Spartan costume a plumed helmet or as a Greek nobleman or philosopher with a toga costume. Multiple costumes are available based on important figures from Greek mythology, like the snake-haired Medusa, or the beautiful Aphrodite. The Medusa costume is featured in dark, reptilian colors with a headband full of plastic snakes. Both men and women wore strappy sandals..

Ladies, for a real Grecian look for a stylish curly ponytail or an up do with ringlets and add some dazzling gold earring to your outfit. Men, add a plumed helmet to your Spartan costume for a tough warrior look..

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