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The Native American Indian 3d Girls Shirt brings a shirt
The Native American Indian Boys 3d Shirt brings one shirt
Indian Maiden Girl Costume includes an indian inspired brown dress with fringe details and printed bead work, fringe boot ...
Indian Maid Costume includes includes a brown dress with fringe and bead accents, headpiece with one feather, decorative ...

Pocahottie Costume includes brown micro Suede stretch dress with intricate Indian beading and layered fringe hem, includes ...
Pocahottie Costume includes brown micro suede stretch dress with intricate Indian beading, layered fringe hem, matching Indian ...
Native American Female Costume includes fringed suede look dress with ribbon trim and headband
Indian Man Costume includes fringed faux suede top and pants with ribbon trim, and headband

You can have one of the best child costumes around with this Native American Girl costume
Native American Boy Costume includes: Fringed faux suede top and pants with ribbon trim, and headband
Native American Costume includes: Fringed faux suede top and pants with ribbon trim and headband
Native American Girl Costume includes: Fringed dress with matching headband

Indian Girl Costume includes Dress with Fringed Sleeves, bottom and Front
Indian Boy Child Costume includes: Fringed light brown suede Top (with tied-up closure in the back) and fringed matching ...
Indian Maiden Adult Costume includes tan dress with colorful decorative trim, fringed sleeves and hem makes this a very attractive ...
Brave Indian Adult Costume includes: top & bottom with fringed detailing, tie up front & sleeves, waist pouch & headband

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Indians were the first indigenous people to settle in North America, they are also known as Native Americans in the United States. European colonists raided Indians land when conquering the Americas. The differences in culture between the Native Americans and Europeans, and the shifting alliances among different nations of each culture, led to great misunderstandings and long lasting cultural conflicts. Today Indians are protected by the United States of America. They can be found as members of nations, tribes, or bands of Native Americans who have sovereignty or independence from the government of the United States. Many of their homes are now reserves.

Some famous Indians include Pocahontas, Pontiac, the Black Hawk, and Chief Joseph. Indians typically made their clothes from animal skin. To dress like an Indian you can wear leather skirts short or long with fringes, or leather pants with tunic like tops.

Add an Indian feathered headband to and some leather moccasins to add to your traditional Indian costume.

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