Power Ranger Costumes

Power ranger Costume & power ranger costumes accessory from for boys, girls & adults.

Mens Sea Captain Accessory Kit includes hat, beard, and pipe
Black And White Pirate Men Costume includes shirt, pants, and sash
Blue Men Pirate Costume includes shirt, pants, and sash
Blue Men Pirate Costume includes shirt, pants, and sash

Green Pirate Men Pants includes one pair of pants
Costume Includes: faux chicken foot, faux shrunken head and faux fur tail
Costume Includes: dress with attached vest, belt, hat
Teen Girls Rebel Pirate Costume includes shirt with vest, belt, leggings, shoe covers, and bandanna

Red Tutu Pirate Doll Costume includes top with vest, tutu skirt, and bandanna
Boys Infant Pirate Costume includes jumpsuit and bandanna
Women's Brown Buckled Pirate Heels includes a pair of brown heels
Mens Tall Black Fold Over Pirate Boots includes a pair of boots

Pirate Accessory Kit
The Pirate Women Blouse And Waist Cincher Costume Set brings a blouse and waist cincher
The Pirate Woman Brown Hat brings one hat
The Pirate Red Ruffle Women Blouse brings one blouse

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Power Rangers is a hit series from the 90’s. Power Rangers are fictional characters who are regular humans but morph into super heroes to fight against evil. Power Rangers started of with a group of 5 young adults but a special sixth Ranger joins the team occasionally during the series. Each Power Ranger has superhuman strength, durability, and ability in hand-to-hand combat. When not morphed they are usually speedy and can make themselves invisible.

Kids have become fascinated with these superheroes and costumes have been made to imitate them. Generally, Power Rangers wear a color-coded battle suit usually made of spandex or other skin-tight material and a helmet with an opaque visor. There is a Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger and White Ranger. They usually wear their battle suit underneath their regular clothes to be ready for any unexpected combat. For an ultimate look don’t forget to add Power Rangers Gloves, boot covers, and weapons such as the overdrive blaster or the Power Ranger Operation Overdrive Black Ranger Hammer!

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