Roman Costumes

Roman Costumes - Shop us for roman costumes for women and men for halloween & other events.

Mens Pointed Gladiator Helmet includes golden gladiator helmet
Gladiator Lion Helmet includes helmet with red plume crest and excludes any other accessories
Green Huntress Women Costume Includes dress with collar, belt and wristbands
The Girls Greek Goddess Costume brings a headpiece, robe with attached shoulder drape and belt

The Deadly Warrior Man Costume brings a tunic with attached collar
The Gladiator Man Costume includes chest piece with attached bracers, belt, kilt, shin guards and helmet
The Gladiator Mask And Sword Men Costume Set brings a plastic mask and sword
Roman Catholic Cardinal Mens Costume deluxe - Roman Costume includes Cassock with capelet and Cardinal Skull Cap Shoes, Bible, ...

Royal Shield Deluxe includes a silver shield with gold crest in the center
Golden Gladiator Adult Costume includes a golden gladiator dress with unique crinkled foil fabric, warrior style neckline ...
Goddess Adult Costume includes a golden goddess style gown with ornate metallic gold and silver sequin detailing, nude lining ...
Golden Warrior Adult Plus size Costume includes a gold crinkled foil lame' dress with attached sheer red cape, brown ...

Roman Warrior Costume includes a black tunic with gold trim details, textured chest plate, chain belt, black pants,and matching ...
Venus Costume includes: Pink and cream ombré mini dress with gold and pink trim with attached flowy sleeves and a matching ...
Hercules Costume includes a white tunic, vinyl mock body armor with attached red cape, matching arm bands, cuffs, leg guards, ...
Centurian Black Red Adult Costume includes: toga with detailed leather look tunic and attached cape

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Romans were in power from 2078 years! They are recognized for having an incredible army that would defeat almost every one. They were even capable of defeating armies far larger than themselves, despite being equipped with the same basic weapons: shields, spears and swords. Not only were they great fighters but also great builders. They built many cities in Europe including Aqueducts, roads, baths, walls, theatres, temples, arches, cities, palaces and many more. The Romans came up with the alphabet we still use today in the Western World and occasionally we still use Roman numerals. They were also the first to put down written Laws.

Roman fashion depended on your social status. The wealthier you were the more details you would have on your robes. Togas were the national garment of Rome. While the dress of the lowest classes was often not noticeable at all, they were just a simple robe. Only male citizens were allowed to wear the toga. It was made of a large woolen cloth cut with both straight and rounded edges; it was not sewn or pinned but rather draped carefully over the body on top of the tunic. Another common outfit for Romans were the Roman Armor this usually meant a tunic with a metal armor over it, metal leg covers, I silver or gold hate with a red brush over it and gladiator sandals. In fact everyone wore open toed sandals. There are many Roman Costumes for adults and children, for a complete Roman look woman, wear your hair in an up do and men wear your hair short and clean shave. Add a wreath to show your status as an emperor. Choose from costumes such as Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony, The Roman Empress and many more!

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