Superhero Costumes

Superhero movie costumes - Superman, spiderman, batman movie for boys, girls and adults.

Bane Kid Costume includes a muscle chest jumpsuit that has gray pants, white sleeves, green drawing on shirt of a harness ...
Spiderman Adult Costume includes the latest costume version of this Superhero Costume
Batman Costume includes black spandex jumpsuit, molded chest piece, golden belt, black cape, black gloves, headpiece and ...
Thor Girl Costume includes a detachable matching silver headband and a detachable red short cape

Wolverine Female Costume includes a yellow/blue dress with detachable character button, claws and eye mask
Batman Costume includes muscle chest shirt with Batman logo, black pants, Batman headpiece, long cape and Batman gold belt
Batman the Dark Knight Movie Costume includes muscle chest jumpsuit with attached boot tops, headpiece, cape and belt
Flash Muscle Adult Costume includes Muscle Chest Jumpsuit with Attached Boot Tops, Belt and Lightning Accented Headpiece

Supergirl Child Costume consists of two tone dress with matching cape, lame belt and matching boot tops
Wonder Woman Child Costume Includes Two Tone Dress, Cape, Belt, Boot Tops, Gauntlets and Headpiece
Flash Muscle Costume includes: red character muscle chest jumpsuit (button closure in the back) with attached boot covers, ...
Superman Muscle Chest Child Costume includes: blue jumpsuit with muscle chest (Velcro closure in the back), attached molded ...

Superman Child Costume Standard includes: blue jumpsuit with attached dark red boot tops and yellow belt, and matching long ...
Spiderman Movie Child Costume Standard includes: Printed bodysuit and character hood with cut out eyes
Everything begins when the child Bruce Wayne witnessed the murder of his parents
Superman Muscle Chest Costume includes: blue jumpsuit (with Velcro in the back) with muscle chest, attached molded belt and ...

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Super Heroes are fictional characters who use superhuman powers to protect the publics well being. Superheroes usually have some kind of special skill that regular humans don’t have. For example: super speed, laser vision, super strength, flying, invisibility, psychic ability, etc.. Although some are born with these natural powers there are other characters that use special weapons, devices, or suits to enhance their abilities. Many super heroes have become popular through comics, T.V. shows or movies. Some renowned super heroes include Superman, Spiderman, Batman, X-men, Iron man and many more!

This year you can dress as the ultimate super hero whether it’s a flying superman or the Incredible Hulk. Costumes are available in all sizes for children and adults. Remember to add accessories for an exclusive look.

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