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Superman movie costumes - Superman costumes and superman costumes accessory from Superman movie for boys, girls and adults.

The Superman And Iron Man Boys Costume Set brings two things
The Wonder Woman Batman V Superman Costume Accessory Women Set brings a lasso, wig, tiara, glovelettes, gauntlets and an ...
The Superman Men Costume Jumpsuit brings a jumpsuit and cape
The Batman V Superman Movie Batman Plus Size Men Costume brings a padded jumpsuit, 3D gauntlets, 3D boottops, a belt, a cape, ...

The Superman Little Boys Toddler Muscle Costume brings a jumpsuit, cape and belt
The Batman V Superman Armored Batman Men Costume Kit brings a armored helmet and gloves
The Batman V Superman Movie Superman Boys Costume brings a muscle chest jumpsuit, 3D boot tops and cape
Includes glovelettes, a molded tiara, molded gauntlets, and a molded arm band in a one size fits most adults

This is a Dawn of Justice: Batman vs
Superman Costume includes a red and blue Jumpsuit with attached boot tops, cape and belt
Clark Kent Superman Costume includes black blazer, dress shirt front tie Velcro and a blue muscle chest with Superman Logo
Clark Kent Superman Reverse Child Costume includes dark blue jacket with attached shirtfront (that closes with Velcro) with ...

Superman Muscle Chest Child Costume includes: blue jumpsuit with muscle chest (Velcro closure in the back), attached molded ...
Superman Child Costume Standard includes: blue jumpsuit with attached dark red boot tops and yellow belt, and matching long ...
Superman Child Costume includes jumpsuit with attached cape and boot tops & belt
Superman Muscle Chest Costume includes: blue jumpsuit (with Velcro in the back) with muscle chest, attached molded belt and ...

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The story of Superman is that he was born in a Planet called Krypton. As an infant his father sent him to Planet Earth where he was adopted by a farmer family and they named him Clark Kent. As he grew up he started noticing that he was different. He had abilities that a normal human being didn’t have such as flying, vast super strength and invulnerability, super speed, vision powers (including x-ray, heat, telescopic, infra-red, and microscopic vision), super photographic memory, super hearing and super breath, which enables him to freeze objects by blowing on them. Various comics have also suggested that Superman is a "True Immortal".

Superman is an American icon and by far the most famous super hero created. Superman started off as a comic, and then starred in a TV show and later hit the big screen. Many adults and children idolize superman. You can now even dress up like this “Man of Steel”. Superman’s traditional costume is a blue body suit with a yellow “S” on the chest and red briefs over the jumpsuit with a matching long red cape. Costumes are available for children and adults of all sizes. Now you can pair up with his and hers matching super girl or wonder woman costume, even your dog can join the super family with a super dog costume.

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